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Unique Handmade Jewelry:
Pure Silver Kazaz, Cini Ceramic & Oya Needle Lace

Start a fascinating journey into the heart of Anatolia.


Pure Silver Kazaz Knot (Kazaziye) Jewelry

Kazaz (Kazaziye) is one of the hardest handmade jewelry technique. All of Kazaz jewelry are hand-made by woman artizans in Turkey with 1000 carat silver. A strand of pure silver so thin as one strand of human hair is wrapped over a very thin silk thread with the help of a spinning wheel. Since the wire is very thin, a sewing needle is used to make the weavings. This is an extremely labour-intensive process, without any power tools just like ancient times.  

Cini Ceramic Jewelry

Cini is a world famous creative Anatolian craft for more than 1000 years. It is a special glazed ceramic, an impervious layer or coating of a vitreous substance covers ceramic body through firing. The artist must work slowly and calmly, taking sometimes a week to paint a piece that might be destroyed in a single second through some fluke. Perhaps spoiled in painting or cracked in the kiln. Each piece of Cini jewellery you see in our shop is designed, hand painted and crafted as a unique model. 

Oya Needle Lace Jewelry

Oya is one of the most beautiful and ancient lace forms in existence. Each piece of Oya lace accessories you see in our shop is handsewed as a unique model by Anatolian craftswomen with cotton thread and only a small sewing needle. It is made by taking the needle and thread and forming loops which are tightened into knots.  The tightness of the knots creates small square and triangular stitches. 


Kazaz Knot Jewelry Making Process

Cini Ceramic Jewelry Making Process

Oya Needle Lace Jewelry Making Process


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